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JATcorp Limited (ASX:JAT or the Company) is pleased to announce an important sales agreement to supply milk powder products to BTNature Pty Ltd, a leading milk brand company selling predominantly into China (“Contract”). The Contract is for up to approximately $28 million in product sales over the next 12 months.

The Contract provides an annual Sales Plan for eight products including BTN full cream instant milk powder, sport skim instant milk powder etc. to be manufactured by Jatcorp under the BTNature brand and will commence on 1 November 2022. Under the Plan , Jatcorp will supply around 3.2 million tin cans or jars of products to BTNature over the first year of the agreement.

This is a major boost for Jatcorp, with the new exports equivalent to 70 percent of the company’s revenue for the year ended 30 June, 2022.

Jatcorp Managing Director Jack Wang said the company is proud of partnering with strong customers and building strong, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that supports jobs, the economy and helps Jatcorp become one of the most important producers in the industry.


About BTNature

BTNature was established in 2014 as a food manufacturer and seller in Australia. BTNature brings Australia’s natural, harmonious, healthy, and original beauty to the world. It connects with the best manufacturers and suppliers, and produces the highest quality products for consumers, especially in China’s market. BTNature product sales are ranked No. 7 in the milk powder category on, which is one of the largest online platforms in China in 2022.