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Our Goals

Our Goals

Accelerate the process of becoming the largest manufacturer and supplier of dairy products in Asia-Pacific by 2023.

We believe that quality dairy products deserve to be chosen by more people than ever before. From children to the elderly, people of every age deserve to be nourished and protected by quality dairy products to enjoy a healthy life to the fullest. Helping more people to choose quality dairy products is our sense of responsibility to families and people.

At Jatcorp, we are constantly exploring solutions to bring quality dairy products to more consumers in the Asia Pacific region. This way, we can become more families’ first choice for healthy dairy products.

We focus our efforts and resources on “factory management”, “distribution channels”, “innovation development”, and “product promotion ” to make the Jatcorp brand and products known to as many Asian consumers as possible and to give them access to quality dairy solutions through Jatcorp, and to create significant value for our shareholders and stakeholders.