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Sydney, NSW – 13 June 2024** – Jatcorp Limited (ASX: JAT) is pleased to announce a favorable costs judgement in the ongoing Sunnya litigation.

The Supreme Court of NSW has recently published a costs judgement in the long-running Sunnya litigation. The Court found largely for Jatcorp and Sunnya against He and Lu and the Wu Parties. Most defendants were held liable to pay Jatcorp and Sunnya’s costs of the liability part of the proceedings, with costs awarded on an indemnity basis due to false evidence findings against the principal defendants.

Jatcorp considers this cost judgement another successful milestone in this litigation and will keep the market advised on the progress of these matters.

As a company at the forefront of the lactoferrin milk powder industry, Jatcorp remains dedicated to advancing in the health sector. Our commitment to developing superior supplementary food and plant-based products continues to drive our efforts to serve the world’s largest retail markets.