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JAT Corp is pleased to announce the forthcoming integration of advanced machinery into our factory operations, aimed at optimizing production processes and elevating efficiency standards.

Scheduled for deployment in June, our factory will incorporate an automated sachet machine with a 10-line capacity for 1g-25g sachets, complemented by an automated tin packing line.

These new assets are anticipated to deliver substantial efficiency enhancements, with projected output improvements ranging from 25% to 50% compared to existing machinery.

In addition to boosting efficiency, these machinery upgrades are strategically aligned with our commitment to meeting evolving customer demands. By enhancing our production capacity and capabilities, we are poised to better accommodate the growing needs of our clientele while maintaining our reputation for delivering high-quality products in a timely manner.

With an expected arrival by late June and commissioning planned for mid-July (subject to manufacturer and logistical considerations), these advancements underscore our dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Stay updated for further developments as we embark on this journey toward enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.