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Our Values

Our Values

Responsibility is at the core of our values—responsibility to ourselves, responsibility to the consumer, responsibility to the community and responsibility to the shareholder.

At JAT, these values are the ethical principles that underpin everything we do, providing us with the long-term belief that we are united and motivated to work towards the common good and that we will embody our core values in our principles of behaviour.

Responsibility for ourselves
All responsibility begins with taking responsibility for ourselves, for our own actions and words, and ensuring a corporate culture of honesty, openness, transparency, and solidarity.

Responsibility for the consumer
We take responsibility for all our brands and products’ effects on consumers. We encourage interaction in an atmosphere of mutual trust, reflected in the quality of our brands and products and everything we do

Responsibility for communities
We are responsible for our company’s impact on the communities in which we operate. The diversity of different communities requires us to adapt and adjust our behaviour inclusively and openly.

Responsibility to shareholders
Our corporation’s board owes “fiduciary duties” exclusively to shareholders, with the responsibility of care, loyalty and obedience. We continue to investigate practices that fully support good governance at every stage.