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Jatcorp Ltd announces that the Supreme Court of NSW has affirmed its ownership rights over the Neurio and Guamis brands in Australia and New Zealand for export to China as well as protecting Jatcorp against third-party interference.

Key findings of the court judgment include:

  • He and Lu, the former directors of Sunnya, were found to have provided false evidence to the court.
  • The Wu parties, Sunnya’s former New Zealand suppliers, were found to have provided fabricated documents and false evidence to the court.
  • Sunnya’s rights over its Australia and NZ Neurio trademarks were upheld, with purported licence agreements presented by He and Lu deemed invalid.
  • He and Lu, along with related parties and the Wu Parties, were found to have collaborated to divert business opportunities belonging to Sunnya, protected by its rights in the Neurio trademark ownership in Australia and NZ.
  • Permanent injunctions and orders for compensation were issued against He and Lu, related parties, and the Wu Parties in relation to their “NRIO/Neurio” dealings, preventing further interference with Sunnya’s business operations.
  • The “Guamis” brand, previously used and promoted by Sunnya, has been ordered to be returned to Sunnya, with a permanent injunction issued against further exploitation by He and Lu and related parties.
  • He and Lu were found to have engaged in creditor-defeating activities by transferring money shortly after discovering Sunnya’s application for freezing orders against them.

In light of these findings, Jatcorp considers the outcome of the Australian case largely successful, vindicating its pursuit of the defendants.

Furthermore, this judgment strengthens Sunnya’s case before the Chinese trademarks bureau for the nullification of GAT’s Chinese Neurio trademarks.

Jatcorp remains steadfast in its mission to deliver exceptional products and services to its customers. The company extends its sincere gratitude to our legal team and stakeholders for their unwavering support throughout this process.