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Our Business Plans

Our Business Plans For FY2023

JATCORP’s strategic plan aims to consolidate its existing products and brands, promote production, expand sales channels, drive performance growth, enhance industry competitiveness and expand market presence. We are providing shareholders with sustainable returns and creating long-term value for everyone.


Boost our sales – JARCORP signed a new sales agreement with BTNature Pty Ltd in Oct 2022. This is a major boost for JARCORP, with the new exports equivalent to 70 per cent of the company’s revenue for the year ended 30 June 2022.

Unlock the Power of Brands – The new board is strengthening brand
management for Neurio. By managing the brand’s marketing output and enhancing productivity, we are striving to increase the brand’s market share in
the Asia Pacific market.

Boost productivity – Following a comprehensive assessment of the ANMA plant‘s facilities and capacity, the new board is preparing a plan to improve its production capacity, efficiency, and cost control.

Create Shareholders’ Value – Attaining better financial returns and continually seeking opportunities to optimise capital structure.