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Jat Brands


Jinvigorate was the latest brand introduced by JAT. This brand offered a range of milk powder-based healthy supplements designed for individuals seeking products with specific functionalities to support their health, such as low blood sugar formulas. The first product in this range was launched in February 2021, with other products following during the year.

As the first product developed under this brand, Jinvigorate Diabetic Formula was a specially formulated food product aimed at supporting blood sugar control. It had undergone meticulous development to cater to individuals seeking the benefits of low blood sugar effects. The University of Sydney tested and validated the formula to ensure its quality and efficacy.

The design of Jinvigorate Diabetic Formula focused on providing a slow and sustained release of energy, minimizing drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Through careful selection of ingredients and formulation, it aimed to assist individuals in better managing their blood sugar levels. This formula offered a low blood sugar option for those who required close blood sugar monitoring.