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The milk powder used in JAT’s new ione milk powder range is sourced from Australian free-range cows. In accordance with modern health concepts, ione milk’s full cream and skim milk powders are high in calcium and protein and low in sodium. They contain no artificial flavours or colouring.

ione full cream and skim milk powders are unique on the market, as they also contain dietary fibre to enhance immunity and support a healthy gastric and intestinal system. In addition, the dietary fibre promotes calcium absorption so may reduce the risk of osteoporosis and may also help prevent obesity.

This product is especially suitable for those who want to reduce calorie and fat intake, as well as those with diabetes and hyperlipidemia who want to control their diet.

Resealable packaging makes the product easy to store and use, whilst keeping it fresh for longer.

  • ione Full Cream Milk Powder with Dietary Fibre

  • IONE Skim Milk Powder with Dietary Fibre