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Summary of RMIT’s findings from the Report


The hypothesis of the Project’s upcoming clinical trial is that on consuming JAT’s LF-Ig formulas (Jinvigorate Platinum and Moroka Platinum), human subjects would exhibit improved immune function and responses to a model vaccine, and may be better protected against upper respiratory tract infections (such as Flu and Covid). The human subjects will be aged between 20 and 70 years of age and a total of 75 subjects will be screened/recruited.

One of the hypotheses for the Report was that the application of molecular docking could be extended to elucidate key interactions between LF and the viral S protein of SARS-CoV-2.

In the Report dated 3 March 2022, which is based on in silico evidence, RMIT stated:

  • Wellstudied     anti-microbial               molecules           (lactoferrin,lactoperoxidase    and immunoglobulins) present in supplementary food formulas developed by JATCORP were studied by computational methods to determine their potential effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 variants.
  • We employed molecular simulation methods to predict the binding of lactoferrin, hypothiocyanite (a product of lactoperoxidase), and prototypical bovine antibodies to the spike protein of the L strain, delta variant and omicron
  • All milk components studied are predicted to bind strongly to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and may disrupt virus-human
  • Results suggest high binding effectiveness against the omicron variant, particularly for the lactoperoxidase enzyme product
  • This work is part of a multidisciplinary study including in vitro and in vivo experiments, conducted on a formula innovated by JATCORP containing components with antiviral properties, which will support and form the basis for upcoming clinical trials on human subjects.
  • These preliminary studies highlight the potential for developing food-based products/ dietary supplements for managing COVID-19
  • While these findings are promising, well-designed clinical trials to test the predictions must be completed before making specific health
  • The effectiveness of milk products including these components in prevention, treatment or management of COVID-19 should be further examined by in vitro and in vivo

The next stage is for clinical trials on humans to be conducted by RMIT to evaluate whether, on consuming JAT’s LF-Ig formulas (Jinvigorate Platinum and Moroka Platinum), the humans exhibit improved immune function and recovery times after contracting viruses and evaluate the protection against upper respiratory tract infections (such as Flu and Covid).


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