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As a JATCorp subsidiary, Neurio is recognized for its innovative and premium-quality products, notably its Lactoferrin derived from meticulously selected sources. The exhibition provided Neurio with a platform to present its product range to an eager audience, gathering significant interest and attention for the brand.

Highlighting ANMA Factory’s OEM Business
Additionally, the exhibition served as a platform to showcase JATCorp ANMA Factory’s contract manufacturing services. ANMA specializes in producing a range of products, including baby and maternity items, as well as dairy products. This unveiling generated substantial interest and expanded the reach of JATCorp’s services.

Exploring New Horizons in the Asia-Pacific Region
This marks Neurio’s second venture into Vietnam, illustrating JATCorp’s commitment to exploring the potential of the Asia-Pacific market. Neurio’s success in Vietnam reflects JATCorp’s strategic approach to navigate the local market, identify new sales channels, and expand its contract manufacturing services offered by JATCorp ANMA Factory.

Vietnam is a crucial hub for JATCorp and Neurio, known for its cultural richness and a dynamic, health-conscious consumer base. With evolving market preferences and an increasing appetite for premium nutritional products, JATCorp seized the opportunity to showcase its offerings.

Exciting Updates Await!
JATCorp continues to explore new horizons, catering to diverse consumer needs and delivering high-quality nutritional products and manufacturing services. We look forward to sharing further developments with you.