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Sydney, 06/02/2024

Jatcorp Limited (ASX: JAT) is pleased to announce a significant legal development regarding its Neurio products. The First Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing in China has issued a ruling confirming the legitimacy of Neurio products and dismissing allegations of trademark infringement.

In March 2023, Guangzhou Aotea Biological Technology Co Ltd (“Aotea”) wrongfully registered Chinese “Neurio” trademarks during the management of Sunnya by former directors Mr Yinghan He and Ms Yanxia Lu. Aotea initiated legal proceedings against one of Sunnya’s distributors, alleging infringement and attempting to obstruct Neurio product sales in China.

The First Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing categorically dismissed all claims brought by Aotea, establishing a crucial legal precedent. This judgment solidifies the authenticity of Sunnya’s Neurio products and represents a victory for our distributors.

Sunny Liang, CEO of Jatcorp, commented: “This judgment is a beacon of justice for distributors facing unwarranted legal pressure. It not only vindicates Neurio’s legitimacy but sets a precedent for similar cases in China.”

Jatcorp remains committed to preserving intellectual property rights and supporting distributors amid unwarranted legal challenges. The company will continue to pursue legal avenues to safeguard its brand and products.